What are your prices?

We charge $1.95 a pound for personal wash and fold laundry, larger items priced individually. Our minimum order for pick up and delivery is $90.00. Pick up and delivery is included. Commercial accounts are priced on an individual basis. Interested parties can email us or call directly at 416-948-2020.

Do you handle commercial accounts?

Yes, this is the major part of our business. Please see commercial page.

What is wash and fold service?

This is a laundering service for personal garments and household items. We clean soiled clothes and other items that are normally done at home, apartment laundry or a laundromat. We wash everything in superior detergent, dry & fold and carefully place in our wash and fold plastic bags. Laundered items are returned to our customers ready to use.

We pick up and deliver to your home or office.

Our service is ideal for busy people, those without a washer and dryer, condominium & apartment dwellers, those living in temporary accommmodations and people who find laundering too difficult.

How do I know the weight of my order?

We weigh your order at our plant on a professional scale made for this purpose. If items arrive wet we weigh them at the end of the process. Some of our clients have scales at home which gives them an approximate weight.

Where are the orders cleaned?

Orders are processed in a professionally equipped laundry plant. Each order is processed separately. We control the environment to ensure a safe and secure place for our customers’ laundry.

Do you sort by colour?

Yes, all wash & fold orders are sorted and separated by colour.

Is this an environmentally friendly service?

Yes. We limit the amount of packaging and we only use water and environmentally safe detergents and softeners (wash & fold).

How do I pay?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal for payment.

How long does it take?

The turnaround time varies. Normally, we can return your garments in one or two business days.

What detergent and fabric softener do you use?

We use the best on the market. If you request a certain brand or type (e.g., allergy related) we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

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