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    Prices start at $1.75 a pound with a minimum of $75.00 Volume based pricing starts at 100 pounds
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COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS- YOU OWN AND WE CLEAN. We specialize in laundering customer owned goods. We are not in the rental business.

OUR CUSTOMERS: physiotherapy clinics, wellness clinics, tennis clubs, fitness and health clubs, company provided employee wellness/fitness clubs, hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, residences, party and event venues, condominium guest rooms, spas, wellness centres, corporate dining rooms, caterers, yoga, spinning and massage centres, day care centres, medical centres, conference locations, personal laundry for short term corporate visitors (eg. training programme participants, consultants).

WE WASH, DRY, FOLD AND PACKAGE: towels-all sizes, pillow cases, flat linens, any type of bed cover, table cloths (toppers, rounds, squares, banquet), napkins, chair covers, smocks, patient gowns, aprons, chef coats, dish towels, uniforms, personal employee laundry.

ALL SUPPLIES: the best and made just for commercial laundry. We honor any special customer requests. Minor tears or pulls are fixed free of charge by our fulltime seamstress.

EMERGENCY LAUNDRY SERVICE: We have regular customers as well as clients who count on us when issues such as machine breakdown, staff shortages, larger than normal volume of business occur.

OUR PRICES: Different factors such as the weight and volume of the orders, type of items to be cleaned, and the difficulty (stains etc.) of the cleaning process effect our fee. We usually do a sample load so we can determine the best possible price.

DOING YOUR OWN LAUNDRY IS COSTLY: from labour, water, heat, machine maintenance, space considerations and cleaning supplies points of view. We are delighted to do free of charge a cost comparison between our service and you doing the laundry yourself.

For further information please email us or give us a phone call at 416-948-2020.

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